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Real Estate, which equated to an elite category is subdivided into several groups, and eventually different final value of purchased zhilya. Kogda homes located in areas with unique recreational characteristics, or surrounded by buildings of equal value itself, and if the buildings are located in the historic center, the they are among the elite housing “A” category. Typically, this house has a skeleton of a monolithic foundation, and walls made of brick. All Elite buildings are of high quality constructed buildings. When training the elite buildings importantly, who is a builder of homes being built. For him, it is important to have an impeccable reputation for reliability in different relationships and an impeccable level of service provided. For high-end homes optimal number of apartments is not more than 30. For future settlers is important to have a cozy patio and a fenced area. The house can be called an elite only if it has a built garages, which is very convenient for car owners. Housing is an elite, and if it is located at some distance from the interchange mikrorayona. Elitnye buildings “B” category are located in the central areas and places where there are favorable environmental conditions. If the home is assumed primary residence of the investor, among the settlers could be held a certain selection. In the category “B” are elite new homes and 80 apartments. The house is built in a monolithic design. Reduced requirements for the presence of the patio and underground garages. Under the garages can be attributed to land a paid parking lot. Under the infrastructure buildings are assigned a smaller area, and communication and telephone lines are made in the standard variante. Suschestvuyut more buildings “C” category. They put forward the same demands as to the category “B”, with a few differences. The houses can be planned over 100 apartments, an individual may be planning in the apartments. Placed in a fairly elite new prestigious residential areas, which is the hallmark of a modern architectural look. To finish the construction of the house and use quality materials, the only thing they can be somewhat cheaper than in new buildings “B” category, and utilities are installed less well-known manufacturers.

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